Author : Taleh Halilov
Number of pages : 35-43


The article examines the state of education in Nakhchivan during autonomy period. The period of autonomy was found to be the basis of Nakhchivan education. In the period of independence, the development of education in Nakhichevan has been broadly developed and has been developed based on the progressive traditions of the past. According to the spiritual and cultural needs of the society, the formation of new pedagogical ideas has enabled the expansion of the network of general educational enterprises. In Azerbaijan, historically, it has been tried to examine the activities of schools and madrasas, which are a traditional educational institution, and to create an education system that serves the objectives of colonialism instead of developing their education. This is the result of the end of the XIX century in the early XX century in North Azerbaijan, also in the Nakhchivan region with a compounded educational network has been formed. After the consolidation of state independence in Azerbaijan, the education system became a strategic focus. Important State Programs have developed and implemented important projects for further development of education in the country. As a result of the studies, including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, the percentage of people studying and writing was expressed as a hundred percent. Teaching the content of the curriculum in terms of new pedagogical thinking, introducing the subject curricula and educational standards, providing a large area of information communication technologies in the learning process, providing interactive communication with museums for studying our national and spiritual heritage, teaching sample courses with sample teachers, using distance education, using education led to success During the autonomy period, the dissemination of new, progressive pedagogical ideas in Nakhichevan, the establishment of education and training facilities, the national pedagogical idea in the region and the increasing of the experience of the school to the level of the demands of the age have played an important role in the development of the Azerbaijani school and pedagogical idea. renewed, period demands increased the level, function and personal development opportunities.


Nakhchivan, textbook, education, school, student, teacher, classroom


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