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Tahsin Nâhid is one of the important representatives of Fecr-i Âti Literature. In this article we examined his theaters. A total of eight theater texts of the author were discussed and examined under two different headings as royalties and adaptations. It has become clear that the work called san Young-man in, written with Ruhsar Nevvare Hanım and written by Ruhsar Nevvare for years, was originally written by Ruhsan Nevvare, its real name Ebuzziya Hadiye Hanım. One of the purposes of this article is to correct this error. Tahsin Nâhid had a good success in the theaters where he started to write after the proclamation of the Second Constitutional Monarchy and wrote penned and repeated works. Leri Rakibe, One Flower Two Insects works adapted from these works and Kösem Sultan, which they wrote together with Şahabeddin Süleyman, attracted more attention than other works. It was seen that the adapted works of the author were more successful. We also agree that the common opinion of the researchers is that his drama writing is more successful than his poetry. Certainly his very young death at the age of 32 deprives us of his important works, which he expects to give in later years.


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Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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