Instruction for Authors

Electronic Journal of Social Sciences (SBedergi) is an international peer reviewed journal and is published biannually in the electronic environment. Apart from these issues, special and additional issues can be published in the journal.

Publications are accepted from all fields of social sciences

Publications are in Turkish and English.

Double blind peer review process is applied and, if necessary, the studies are sent to another referee for a third review.

The language and expression of the submitted articles should be clear and comprehensible in accordance with scientific standards.

The resources used in the articles should be rich and sufficient to reflect the scope of the study.

To submit an article to SBEdergi, firstly the author/authors should be a member of the journal via the web page.

Articles should only be submitted electronically via the journal's web page. The author/authors' names, the department, the institution they work with, e-mail addresses and ORCID numbers should be included in the studies submitted to the journal.

The submitted studies must not have been previously published elsewhere. If the study was included in a symposium as an abstract or was derived from a thesis, this should be stated as sub-information on the first page of the study.

The legal responsibilities that may arise from the articles belong to the authors of the study.

Evaluation process

All studies submitted to SBedergi go through pre-evaluation and peer review evaluation processes. These stages are conducted by the editor of the journal.

Preliminary Evaluation Process

After the author uploads the article to the journal, the preliminary evaluation process of the article begins. From this stage, the author should follow the pre-evaluation and peer review process of the article. The editor examines the article that came to the journal at this stage in terms of content and shape. The editor, decides whether the work is appropriate for the purpose and scope of the journal and applies one of the three options below.

The editor may decide that the study is not suitable for the journal and forward it to the author, and refuse the study.

The editor can resubmit the study to the author to make corrections.

When the editor decides that the article is worth sending for the review by referee, editor sends the article to two referees who are experts on the subject of the study.

Referee Evaluation Process

The editor appoints at least two referees who are experts in their field to review of the article.

Referees review the article in terms of scientific relevance, purpose, method, findings, discussion and conclusion and communicate their views on the study via the journal's web page.

Referees, may directly confirm the study, may request that the study be revised, or may refuse the study.

If the referees decide that the study can be published in the journal, the editor informs the author/authors for the article will be published in which issue of the journal.

If the referees request a revisal, the author should revise the study as soon as possible and should re-upload the revised version of the study to the website of the journal and inform the editor by e-mail.

If one of the referees requests a correction, the author should wait other referees' reports without making any corrections. Author should make the requested corrections after seeing both referee reports.

If the referees decide that the article is not suitable to be published in the journal, the editor sends this decision to the author.

If there is a disagreement between the referees, the editor can send the article to another referee for a third review.

SBedergi does not charge any fee from the author/authors at any stage of the publishing process.