Literature writers in Turkish literature have various characteristics. Some of these features reflect their properties through their works, while others are more introverted. Here is one of the writers who reflect his feelings and feelings in his works are Cahit Sitki Taranci. Cahit Sitki's clues, as well as the clues about her sexuality, are found in the letters she writes in her letters and in her letters. There are sexual objects and emotions in Taranci. It is natural that this feeling, which has existed since the birth of mankind, has taken place in the poet. In this study, based on the various works of Taranci, the subject of sexuality, which was thought to have existed in it, was discussed. This topic is not only his own and it was benefited from various sources written about him. After the evaluation of the results, the sources used were listed.


Cahit Sitki Tarancı, Literature, Poetry, Sexuality

Author : Abdullah Acehan
Number of pages: 150-177
Full text:
Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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