The effect of Vedic mathematics on problem solving attitudes

Vedic Mathematics is the systematic ancient Hindu Mathematics system. It is composed of 16 main sutra and 13 sub sutras. In basic operations, finding roots, equations, division rules, repeating decimals, and in many other places, it gives a different vision and easiness. In this study, throughout for four weeks vedic Mathematics was taught. Then 61 preservice mathematics teachers taking this course are given measure of attitudes towards problem solving (Canakcı, 2008), and Vedic Mathematics achievement test. Here, attitude measure was dependent variable, and Vedic Mathematics achievement was independent variable with GNO as the control variable. ANCOVA test results showed that Vedic Mathematics achievement did not affect attitudes towards problem solving when general achievement is controlled.


Vedic math, Attitudes towards problem solving

Author : Özlem Çeziktürk
Number of pages: 118-131
Full text:
Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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