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Technology has developed rapidly with the 21st century and this century called as the age of technology. In order to become a society that can produce in today's technology-oriented world, it becomes important to guide the new generations to produce new programs instead of consuming existing ones. Therefore computer programming education has become popular in schools. Computer programming is now regarded as a new literacy. Just as learning to read and write, computer programming also allows children to develop their thinking skills and express themselves. To begin early with the computer science practices, helps children to realize how they shape the computer world and to name and identify some basic concepts related to computer and programming. Nowadays, there are many interfaces and tools that enable computer programming for preschool children. These interfaces and tools are grouped under two headings: graphical programming tools and tangible programming tools. The aim of this review paper is to give information about the practice of computer programming education with preschool children and to serve information for the works and practices which will be made in this field in Turkey. It is hoped that this study will lead and contribute to new researches on computer programming and coding with preschool children.


Yazar: - Büşra Somuncu Durmuş Aslan
Sayfa Sayısı: 188-210
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Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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