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Gurgum is one of the Neo-Hittite city states established after the Hittites in Anatolia. Same time, Marqasti is the capital of the kingdom established in the land of Maras city center. This name is also the origin of Maraş name.In the city, around sixty sculptures have been unear th eddaily. A very large part of the mare burial stele or Tarhunzas reliefs. Unlike these, studied Works are two heads and two torsos in this articles. Our studies on the statues have shown that they are probably belongs to the Gurgum kings. Furthermore, as a result of stylistic comparisons, It is understood that tree of them must belong to the 9th century and the beginning of the 8th century. There is an intense Assyrianin fulence over the Maraş specimens of this period. Other than these examples, the Hasancıklı Sculpture must belong to a very earlier period. The sculpture may be the earliest example, not only Gurgum's, but also for all the Neo-Hittite in known examples.


Yazar: - Çağlar Akdağ
Sayfa Sayısı: 337-360
Tam Metin:
Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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