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School failure reasons and test anxiety have an important place in studies conducted in the field of educational sciences. The academic success ranking of Turkish students in both international and national exams is not good enough. This situation makes it necessary to make studies about these subjects. The purpose of the study is to examine school failure reasons and test anxiety in a group of high school students. For this purpose, a commonly used failure reasons questionnaire and test anxiety inventory were used. Study group consisted of 150 students from three industrial and vocational high schools in Zeytinburnu-Istanbul district. Study is limited to students from textile department. The data has been evaluated by using descriptive statistics techniques. It was found that students' academic failure were related uninterested parents, lack of students’ motivation, schools related problems, teachers’ quality, program and system related problems. Additionally, results revealed that students feel anxious in tests. It has been suggested that similar studies should be conducted with larger groups in order to generalize the findings.


Yazar: - M. Hülya Ünal-Karagüven
Sayfa Sayısı: 111-143
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Sosyal Bilimler Elektronik Dergisi Electronic Journal of Social Sciences
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