Factors Affecting the Purchasing Behaviors and Decisions of Purchasing Managers in All Inclusive Hotels
Herşey Dahil Otellerdeki Satınalma Yöneticilerinin Satınalma Davranişlarını ve Kararlarını Etkileyen Faktörler

Author : Salih Tellioğlu - Mehmet ETLİOĞLU
Number of pages : 132-149


Nowadays, hotels use different marketing techniques in order to maintain their existence and increase their profitability in a challenging competitive environment. One of these techniques is the all-inclusive system. With the all-inclusive system, the increase in the variety and quantity of products and services puts the emphasis on purchasing and managing. In addition, profitability of the enterprises increases with an effective and efficient purchasing management. For this reason, purchasing managers who perform an important role in the enterprises have important duties and responsibilities in the profit / loss balance and service performance of the enterprises they work for. Procurement of products at the right place and time, at the desired quantity and quality, under the desired conditions will ensure the right management of the supply chain. The most important factor that will enable purchasing managers to fulfill these duties correctly is to choose the right supplier. In this context, the criteria that will affect purchasing managers' purchasing behaviors and decisions when choosing suppliers are strategically important in terms of service quality of the enterprise they work for. The survey was conducted face-to-face and online survey with 133 hotel purchasing personel who implemented all-inclusive system in Alanya. As a result, a scale consisting of 7 dimensions and 26 items affecting the purchasing behavior of hotel purchasing managers applying the all-inclusive system was developed.


All Inclusive System, Purchasing, Supplier Selection, Purchasing Behavior

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