In the TRT THM Repertoire Compiled by Binali Selman Musical Analysis of the Works
Binali Selman’dan Derlenmiş, TRT THM Repertuvarı’nda Bulunan Eserlerin Müzikal Açıdan İncelenmesi

Author : Hasan Hüseyin Şahin - Hasan Hüseyin ŞAHİN, Sertan DEMİR
Number of pages : 126-140


Local artists who live and enrich our cultural values from past to present in Turkish music are one of the best examples of master apprentice relationship. In time, the people of the source have developed themselves by imitating their masters and transferred the musical characteristics of the region from the future to the future. One of these local artists is Binali Selman. By many academics and artists in Turkey, Binali Selman executive accepted the mastery of the form. However, it has been determined that the execution of Binali Selman has not been adequately investigated. The lack of this issue is the most important factor driving us to do this work. This research is important to determine the basic musical characteristics of the works performed by Binali Selman, to investigate the performance of Binali Selman and to compare the similarities and differences in terms of musical analysis with other local artists. In our study, the works performed by Binali Selman were examined from different perspectives and the musical characteristics of the works of the artist were aimed to be revealed. In our study, literature screening method was used. In this study, folk songs, metronome, decision sound, authority and sound width aspects were analyzed.


Binali Selman, Folk Song, Mey, Zurna, Bar


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